Story Of U Podcast · Epilogue

Well this is it. The final chapter has finished and it’s time to close the book on The Story of U. Thank you to everyone who supported the show, was a part of the show or listened to the show. I was going to write some big long thing here but i say it all in the episode so just go check that out instead.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you guys. Thank you!


Chapter 179: Roger


Story Of U Podcast · Chapter 179: Roger

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This week’s guest is Roger. We talk about philosophy, his interest in religion, world travels, his work with RCE, his passion for sustainability and much more

RCE Saskatchewan
UN University Global Portal for Regional Centres of Expertise (RCEs) on Education for Sustainable Development


International Association of Universities (IAU) Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development Cluster
Luther College Conference on Responsible Consumption and Production (Sustainable Development Goal 12)
UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals Website:



Chapter 177: Kenton

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This week’s guest is Kenton. We talk about finding his place in high school as the football teams equipment manager, traveling the world, his blogs, his cemetery tours and much more.

Website: https://kentondejong.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kentondejongtravel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kentondejong
Instagram:  https://instagram.com/kentondejong

The cemetery tour website is: http://reginacemeterytours.ca/

The Dunlop Art Gallery game is: https://yougotmail.ca/